Technical directors understand and Leonardo Madelon He told the admiration he has for Marcelo Gallardo. The former Union coach was in communication with Radio Rivadavia and highlighted what the key of the River DT is to always continue at the top. Madelon He was a soccer player, retired and dedicated himself to technical management. Some time ago he ran out of club and while waiting for the arrival of a new one, he talks about Gallardo.

The former soccer player said that the importance of the Doll is the variety of options he has with his players. Regardless of the schemes and the fixed things. If not that the DT decides, varies and organizes according to what River needs at all times. “Gallardo he is a great coach because he does not marry any system, “he said. Madelon on the football talk through the radio show.

Likewise, he reaffirmed what he said concluding that Gallardo “It is constantly reinventing itself.” Something that has been seen in the last and probably next week will be key. The Doll lost the presence of Lucas Martínez Quarta and must look for a variant. Although it tends to Paulo Díaz and Robert Rojas in that position, the exact role of central and associations was fulfilled Gallardo.

It remains to be seen what he asks of the replacement for Chino. Of course once again Gallardo it must be reinvented. So far in 2020, he has already made team changes several times. Until you find the correct scheme that works best for the Millionaire to add three in the Copa Libertadores. However, everything indicates that the Doll has everything solved and knows what his next team will be like.

So that Madelon highlighted that work he does Gallardo. Marrying the schemes is not an option and is the soccer example that many coaches began to observe. River’s DT once again under the praise of Argentine colleagues. This has happened repeatedly and now it is no exception. The Doll has been in River and nine as technical director.

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