The trial between Epic Games and Apple is already dated

Surely you are already aware of all the legal mess that originated between Apple y Epic Games after the latter decided to violate the terms of the App Store by introducing a purchasing system within Fortnite. This action caused the apple company removed the battle royale from its platform, and after many months of fighting, we finally have a date for resolution.

Originally it had been announced that the trial between the two companies would take place after July of the following year, but after considerable evaluation, the magistrate Yvonne González Rogers, Representing The Court for the Northern District of California, selected the May 3, 2021 like the day this legal dispute will come to an end.

For now, the exact format of said trial is unknown, that is, it is not known whether it will be face-to-face, digital or a mixture of both. He April 21, 2021 a conference will be held where we are expected to have more details about the process, so for now we have no choice but to wait to find out how this all ends.


Via: Digital Fix

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