World The trial of Omar El-Bashir postponed to September 22

The trial of Omar El-Bashir postponed to September 22

The trial of former Sudanese President Omar El-Bashir and 27 other people accused of taking power in a coup in 1989 has been postponed again to September 22, the president of the tribunal said on Tuesday.

“The next hearing will be next Tuesday, September 22,” said the president of the court in Khartoum, adding that the current hearing was only “procedural”, pending a location better suited to health measures against the new coronavirus.

Since it opened in July, the trial has been repeatedly delayed.

76-year-old Omar Al-Bashir, who was deposed by the army in April 2019, faces the death penalty along with other defendants for overthrowing the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Sadek Al-Mahdi there was 31 years old, during the third coup d’état since Sudan gained independence in 1956.


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