Entertainment The trio of videos from Cyberpunk show weapons, destinies...

The trio of videos from Cyberpunk show weapons, destinies and chrome rock

Last night, the second Stream of Night City Wire took place, which presents the elements of the long-awaited RPG. Cyberpunk 2077 from Polish CD developers Project RED. Of course, we couldn’t miss it, so you can watch the whole stream with Czech commentary here.

The RED Project CD subsequently released three videos containing a recording of the segments to which the stream was dedicated. The first was a demonstration of possible life paths, or rather the origins of your character. The main protagonist named V can be attributed one of the three variants of destiny.


CD Project RED

Like the Nomad, its roots will lie in the arid desert countryside, where not only Colts speak, but also the powerful engines of powerful cars. In the role of a street child, you will see with your own eyes the swarming underworld of Night City and you will be very familiar with the diverse constellation of his important figures. Or you can choose the path of corporate driving and look at the neon streets from the height of skyscrapers.

The trailer shows that this path will quite possibly be filled with intrigue and climbing on the backs of other slaves of capitalism. What is certain is that CD Projekt wants to achieve the greatest possible degree of replayability with different origins of the main character, so let’s hope that your initial choice will really have as much effect as it looks from the video.

He took another trailer on his gun and in two and a half minutes showed that the streets of Night City and its surroundings will be very easy to bathe in blood. The weapons will be divided into several groups (Tech, Power, Smart…), each of which will be modified with a number of accessories and improvements. Shotguns in particular can make a good mess with enemies and the environment, and a separate chapter is melee weapons and augmentations, with which you can improve your body box. Who wouldn’t want gorilla paws or blades resembling a praying mantis?


CD Project RED

We will obviously enjoy the big deal with smart weapons, for which no obstacle will be insurmountable. I just want the authors to be able to type gunplay and for the feeling of shooting to be due to the destructive potential of individual instruments. And even though there are obviously enough weapons in the game, perhaps the CD of the Project will do well to lay them out into the whole story so that we don’t have the best in the middle and we can look forward to the end of the game. After all, the sides of the arsenal have a slightly greater chance of flying out than in the case of the Sorcerer.

The latest video focuses on music, specifically attempts to bring the game legend of chrome rock, the band SAMURAI, to life through real songs. You can already listen to some of them on streaming services, such as Spotify. Swedish punk band Refused says that SAMURAI are basically from the future, so we probably have something to look forward to.


CD Project RED

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released on November 19 on PCs and current consoles, a later update for new generation consoles is planned.



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