Composite image of potential tropical storm development areas as of October 18, 2020. NHC

And it is that the Atlantic hurricane season in 2020 has not ended.

El Invest 94L

a closed low-pressure sinus of 1006 mb, red zone in the first figure, is far to the east – southeast of Bermuda. The NHC has named it Invest 94L. The system has moderate convection around its center and has been gradually organizing itself under the umbrella of a low height.

The decrease in surface area in recent hours has shown little change in the organization since early yesterday. Gradual development is expected and a subtropical depression or storm is very likely to form by the next day or two, as the low winds its way southeast of Bermuda. The possibility of training during the next 48 hours is high. The system is not affecting the ground.

* Probability of formation in 48 hours … high … 80 percent.
* Probability of formation in 5 days … high … 90 percent.

Enhanced infrared images showing Invest 94L as of October 18, 2020. TropicalTidbits


According to the NHC, a tropical wave passing through the central Caribbean will hit the western Caribbean this morning, and to the area of ​​Yucatan, Mexico, on Tuesday morning. A wide zone of low pressures is expected to develop. A low with showers and storms is expected to form in a few days over the southwestern Caribbean Sea. Some gradual development of this system will be possible until the middle of next week as it moves slowly to the northwest.

Prediction of the centers of surface casualties, according to the ensemble prediction of the ENS ECMWF model. The evolution of the Invest 94L centers in the middle of the Central Atlantic can be seen. However, the tropical Caribbean system could have impacts on Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas and Florida.

If these two systems are formed and named by the NHC, they would be Epsilon and Zeta. If they are formed in October 2020, this month would have been very early in the uses of these two letters of the Greek alphabet, which were used for the first time in 2005.

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