The Trump-16 virus and the first anniversary of the great lockdown

From the little we have seen of 2021, it seems that 2020 is doing good in its three dimensions of crisis: economic, health and political. Nobody is aware that in less than three weeks the world seems to be upside down again on these three fronts, although in a few hours one of them can begin to improve radically. The good news is the replacement in the US presidency: entra Joe Biden y sale Donald Trump, whose legislature has been marked by extreme populism, division and upheaval that had its final fireworks in the assault on the Capitol on January 6.

After his victory at the polls in November, Biden said that the time had come for the country’s healing both domestically – with a civil society at odds – and in the international relations of the world’s greatest power. He The virus that Trump injected into US politics in 2016 has left open wounds with China, Europe, Latin America and even in Africa with the support to Morocco in the delicate question of Western Sahara. Until the last minute in power, Trumpism will continue to sow conflict as if a dark force were pulling its strings.

Fortunately, the final convulsions of the The Trump administration has united Democrats and some Republicans who see the eccentric president as a serious threat to national security. when it is passed to the opposition. After Biden’s inauguration on Tuesday, January 20, the second impeachment process that is about to be completed with the vote in the Senate will be a 100% effective vaccine for the former casino entrepreneur and his potential successors to remain portrayed and discredited for the future.

In the economic, the Trump era will go down in history because of the trade war with China and the White House’s obsession with financial markets. Almost every time the Dow Jones went up, POTUS tried to score through his compulsive use of social media. The harassment and takedown activity with the Federal Reserve (Fed) since the end of 2018 put in evidence for the first time the independence of the monetary power of the politician to the embarrassment of the free market of the United States and Wall Street. ¿Who does not remember the threats of dismissal and insults to Jerome Powell for not lowering interest rates?

Trump knew he needed a change of course from the Fed to reactivate the US economy for the 2020 election year. His offensive on international trade with tariffs managed to be decisive in the Fed’s turn of the wheel, which went from rising rates to lower them in a matter of six months. Re-election was in the pocket until 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic arrived. His denialist proclamations in the management of Covid-19 have been key so that the democratic balance has turned against him. Only one virus could kill another.

The coronavirus crisis officially started now a year ago when Chinese authorities began receiving reports of a coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan (Hubei). Many more happened to that first massive confinement prior to the celebration of the Chinese New Year. Dozens of countries across the globe did so in the period that will go down in history as the Great Seclusion at home. Twelve months later nothing seems to have changed. The statistics of infections, hospital occupancy and deaths are once again out of control. China has once again adopted a massive lockdown in one of its provinces closest to the capital Beijing as it did on January 23, 2020.

Europe, in state of permanent semi-confinement since the return of summer, it is predisposed to adopt tougher restrictions as Portugal, France, Germany or the United Kingdom have already done. In Spain, the coalition government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias continue encouraging a policy of regional division and incoordination that they adopted after the lifting of the state of alarm in June 2020. Is it the classic ‘that each stick holds its candle’? Officially there is a total transfer for the Autonomous Communities to decide the restrictions they consider appropriate based on their luck and health situation.

He The problem is that they have also done so by deploying their own vaccination strategies with the apparent approval of the Ministry of Health. Communities like Asturias, Galicia or C. Valenciana They have been the fastest and most precipitous to vaccinate with the first dose of Pfizer-Biontech, but the supply problem that has just arisen can leave many citizens without the second injection, therefore, not vaccinated. Instead, Madrid, Basque Country and Navarra they have vaccinated fewer people to ensure their ability to do so twice in anticipation of a vaccine out of stock. Moncloa, now, will have to take sides with the next supplies. Will it punish the most far-sighted regions and reward those that made a mistake with its plan?


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