The trumpet sold the offers received from the Kremlin to help him in the presidential campaign


The former colleague of Don Craig Trump, Michael Cohen, received an offer from a Russian citizen who offered "synergies at the level of government" and even a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin during the electoral campaign from Trump to the White House.

This was revealed in reports presented by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who investigates Russia's possible interference in the US election campaign, calling for between 51 and 63 months of imprisonment for Cohen to "deliberately" make "false" statements about the negotiations of a possible Trump Tower in Moscow, which was not built in the end.

Cohen explained to the prosecutor that he had received that offer from a "trusted person in the Russian Federation", but that he eventually decided not to maintain that contact.

Mueller's memorandum also involves Trump in payments made by Cohen to silence two women, a model and a pornographic actress, who claim to have had an intimate relationship with Trump. The prosecutor understands that Trump was the one who ordered these payments, which could involve him in a violation of electoral funding laws.

As for the other austere Trump official, prosecuted by the public prosecutor Mueller, the former chief prosecutor Paul Manafort, accuses him of "lying repeatedly" during the investigation of his direct contacts with the Trump's government. Manafort insisted he had no contact or sent a message to the Trump administration, even though Trump's attorney and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani admitted last week that Cohen he kept them informed of the evolution of his conversations with Mueller's prosecutors.

Following all this information, President Trump tweeted this Saturday to make sure that Mueller's investigations failed to demonstrate "collusion" between his campaign and Russia. "After two years of research and millions of pages of documents (and a cost of over 30 million), no collusion!" He wrote.


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