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Sandra Finney was like a little girl on Christmas morning while waiting for her new electric wheelchair.

The new bright chair finally arrived at his home on the morning of June 20th.

"It's so exciting," said Finney, leaning over the railing of his building as the chair was unloaded. "I found out a while ago that it was coming and then it just seemed like a long wait. This is a great day."

Finney, who lost his arm and left leg in an accident when he was a teenager, feared that he would be trapped in his apartment, as he could no longer keep his old chair running.

Brad Reid, a rehabilitation specialist with Harding Medical, read the article about her in a March issue of Truro News and he felt he could help. With the help of private donors and some of his funds, he was able to get the necessary Truro woman's chair.

Finney was full of smiles as he watched Reid make changes to the chair, a Quantum Q6 Edge 3, from Pride Mobility.

"Blue is so cute," he said. "It looks so nice and I'll be able to get anywhere I have to go now."

Reid met Finney for a few years, as he did repairs to his old chair when he worked with MacQuarrie's Pharmasave.

"It was fantastic and made me really happy to see her in her new chair," he said. "Sandra is one of the most volitive people I've ever met. She always seems in a good mood and always has a smile on her face. People like her and the result we achieved is exactly why I became a specialist in rehabilitation".

Finney gave his chair a good workout on the first day.

"I was out until 6," he said. "It's fantastic. It's not rattling and it's nice and smooth. I like it a lot and I'm grateful to everyone who helped me make it."

The chair is equipped with LED lights that turn on automatically when the chair is turned on, so going out in low light conditions will be safer. Chairs cost around $ 7,000, depending on the add-ons.


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