The truth of Jesús Moreno crashes against the wall of an exaggerated bullfight in Las Ventas

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López Gibaja’s heifer fought this Sunday in Las Ventas was a real nonsense. An exaggeration. An atrocity. Ramshackle, wide, with valid faces for Pamplona. The lack of criteria of veterinarians and presidents has led to a madness that materialized this Sunday in a bullfight with all the letters even though they lacked four months to fulfill their cuatreño. Despite the pen problems of other heifers patched up this season, where seriousness was accompanied by good workmanship, for which relevant tasks have been seen, the point of this Sunday had not been reached.

The shortlist crashed their illusions into a wall, which caused a frankly boring show. Fortunately, the bullfight did not cause big problems beyond the lack of class. She highlighted the truth of Jesús Moreno over her companions. The man from Albacete appeared in Madrid with all his truth. She went to the sty gate on her two shifts. He signed good right hands giving distance to the third in which he showed his established concept and looked for a cross placement with the turkey that made sixth. An ox cart applauded at the start by the smarties who do not distinguish what a steer is (greetings after warning and return to the ring after warning).

He showed that he had enough trade for the Diego García alternative. His doctorate will arrive in San Sebastián de los Reyes together with José María Manzanares and Roca Rey with bulls from El Pilar. García faced two bulls (the entire heifer was four months away from reaching the age of a bull but apparently all of them were bulls). The first of his batch at least was more harmonious although he developed genius, more movement than delivery. Garcia tried to control him but every time he touched the crutch he became very violent. With the terrifying fifth, he displayed technique to demand him from below, achieving some deep crutch until he was able to submit him in the final phase of the task. He was not fine with the steels (clapping after warning and silence after warning).

The Mexican from Durango Eduardo Neyra appeared in Las Ventas. His performance was full of attitude with the removals by chicuelinas and saltilleras prescribed in their turns. Very willing in his two shifts, he began the second of his taskss -a hat from El Cotillo, very serious but without the disproportion of the starting iron – in the media on his knees with a changed pass. By changing the trajectory of the bull for the second time, he was knocked over, fortunately without consequences. Effort without echo from the Mexican who signed a long task to the fort first (silence after two warnings and silence after warning).

The company reported an entry of 5,200 attendees to a celebration of little content.

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