The ‘Tsunami’ judge asks the Supreme Court to investigate Puigdemont for terrorism

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The investigating judge Democratic Tsunami This Tuesday, he asked the Supreme Court to investigate Carles Puigdemont for terrorism. In addition to the former president of the Generalitat, the judge of the National Court Manuel García-Castellón requests the High Court to also investigate ERC leader Marta Rovira and 10 other people.

In his reasoned statement, the magistrate points out that to clarify the facts it is necessary to “practice investigative procedures” which he himself cannot carry out because both Puigdemont and the Parliament deputy are seated before the Supreme Court. Rubén Wagensberg.

The High Court, through an Admission Chamber chaired by the magistrate Manuel Marchena, will now have to examine the 100 pages of reasoned exposition and decide if there is sufficient basis to take on the case or, on the contrary, return it to the instructor considering that there is no crime or that there is a lack of proceedings. If you stay with Tsunamimust also decide if, as usual, only with respect to the two accused or if due to his connection with other defendants he assumes the case completely.

If it is finally declared competent, when the Amnesty Law comes into force the Supreme Court must rule on both the investigation of the process opened in 2017 as about this new cause of Tsunami. The option of amnesty for an alleged crime of terrorism, a matter specifically regulated by the European Union, would reinforce the option of consulting with the EU Court of Justice before applying the rule. The request to send the procedure to the Supreme Court that the judge is now handling had been raised by Dignity and Justice, which exercises the popular prosecution.

The letter sent by García-Castellón to the Supreme Court indicates that the former president He would be placed at the highest point of the Tsunami organization, highlighting his “position of unquestionable authority” for having been at the head of the Generalitat and being the “leader from Brussels” of the independence movement.

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