The Turkish Kingfisher series raises controversy on Google.. Details of episode 33

series “kingfisher».. That famous Turkish series, which enjoys high viewership, is still at the forefront of search engines on Google and social media.

It topped episode 33 of Kingfisher series For the duo Mert Demir and Afra Sarac Oglu, the trend of the search engine “Google” and social networking sites, especially after a long period of interruption from the show due to the conditions that Turkey went through, following the earthquake that Turkey was exposed to, but the Kingfisher series returned strongly to its fans. And his lovers.

The events of episode 33 of the Kingfisher series

I witnessed the events of episode 33 of the Turkish series kingfisher Siran, Farid, Abdeen and Sona escape from the wedding, bid farewell to Fouad and his wife Asman, who are visiting his brother with a bag full of money.

The story of the Kingfisher series

The events of the Turkish series Kingfisher revolve around a member of the Gaziantep family, the Agha “Halis”, who decides to marry his reckless and reckless grandson Farid to teach him a lesson. Indeed, Farid marries “Seyran” and family crises begin between them.

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A shock to Kingfisher fans… Farid’s death

Fouad’s death, which did not reveal the details of what happened between him and his brother Farid, and his wife Asuman, deeply affected the Korhan family and the audience of “Kingfisher”, Episode 33.

The date of the presentation of the Kingfisher series and the carrier channels

Kingfisher series It is shown on the Turkish star tv channel, while the Arab channels have not yet started showing it, but it can be followed through websites, including the Love Story site, and episode 33 of the series “The Kingfisher Bird” can be found with Arabic subtitles on sites such as “My Sima”, And “EGYBEST” after it was shown on the Turkish Star TV channel.

The channels began showing the first episode of the Kingfisher series on 23 2023, and the episodes are shown successively every 7 days, and its episodes achieved high ratings, so that the last episode that was shown got a rating of 7.2, and the duration of one episode ranges approximately two hours and 20 minutes.

The stars and heroes of the series “The Kingfisher,” Episode 33

Co-starring in the Kingfisher series, Turkish actor Mert Ramadan Demir, Afra Saraçoğlu, Emre Altug, Cansu Bakir, Gulsin Santeroglu, Oznur Sircilar, Beryl Bozam, Buce Pius Kahraman, Çetin Tekindor, Hulia Diyar, Doğukan Polat, Yigit Tuncay.

What is a kingfisher bird?

The kingfisher is a bird characterized by its bright colors and is one of the few birds that has blue feathers, which results from the presence of some dyes, as this color is nothing but a reflection of the rays from its feathers, as it is in fact transparent in color, and it is one of the birds Rare.


There are 91 different species of kingfisher around the world, and their sizes vary according to their types, ranging from 4 inches, such as the malukite, to 17 inches, such as the laughing Australian kookaburra. The body of the kingfisher is a body full of a large head and a long beak, so that it can eat its food, which is fish and small animals. These birds live in cavities, which are usually dug in rotten trees or inside dirt banks, and can also swim into the water to get their prey from fish.

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A shock to Kingfisher fans… Farid’s death

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