The Turks are already developing electric cars: an ambitious model has been presented, which explains the unexpected decisions of the government

Chinese car manufacturers are increasingly actively participating in the electric car market, and in order to attract the attention of buyers, they offer extremely interesting solutions. However, until recently, the producers of this country received an unexpected blow from Turkey, and now the reasons for this are becoming clear.

Cheaper vehicles are not to everyone’s taste, as a recent decision by the Turkish authorities perfectly illustrates. An additional 40 percent was introduced in this country. a tariff that only applies to electric cars from China. A few weeks after this decision, the first electric car created by a local manufacturer was presented.

Automaker TOGG has unveiled its first electric car, which will be known as the TOGG T10X. The representatives of the company describe their first masterpiece as a “smart device”, because it will have communication functions. It is announced that this news will be available to order as early as March.

All T10X models are said to have a standard 12-inch digital instrument cluster display. The new TOGG T10X is also equipped with a 29-inch smart touch screen and in-cabin cameras that will even allow you to capture selfies. It is said that such an option is enabled with the help of voice commands, and uploading them to social networks will be possible without taking your hands off the wheel.

The new TOGG T10X has been designed to achieve the highest Euro NCAP rating of five stars. The base model of this electric car will be equipped with a 162 kW engine with rear-wheel drive. The price of such a model will reach 47.5 thousand. euros. It is worth noting that Volkswagen ID.4 or Tesla Model Y cars have a similar price.

It is reported that the Turks will also be offered a four-wheel drive version, but such a model will debut only in October. The electric car developed by TOGG has two battery versions. The first is equipped with a 52.4 kWh battery, the second – 88.5 kWh. It is announced that the model equipped with a lower capacity battery should cover up to 314 kilometers, and the second option – 523 kilometers. The manufacturer’s representatives also note that charging the batteries from 20 to 80 percent. just 30 minutes will be enough.

Ambitious plans of the President of Turkey and the leaders of TOGG

The first TOGG electric car was created as part of the national car project of the country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the export of this model to Europe is planned to start next year. It is claimed that Germany should become the main market in which TOGG managers plan to expand.

The Turkish manufacturer plans to produce approximately 20,000 units this year. of electric cars, the production of which is taking place in a new factory in Istanbul. It is planned that by 2030, five different body styles will be produced here, and the production volume should reach approximately one million vehicles per year.

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