The tweet that Lorenzo Méndez deleted clarifying that he did not dedicate it to Chiquis due to their separation, what has distanced them? | Wake up America shows

estaá maity interiano.

let’s talk about the topic that

we will be talking, chic

Rivera and Lorenzo Endez after

that they indicated they were

together the separated finally

they announced their separation

officially, he did it through

of a statement quite

extensive, lorenzo had

fights on twitter, then I know

he sang like the

Mexicans usually do when

from today, there they have

my dear jomari goyco.

‘until you

do we already have yarel?

yarel: hi how are you,


Carlos: a big greeting to all

Los angeles friends, what

good what are you for us

comment, I told tony that

I want to start with the topic of

lorenzo and chiquis.

she sent an extensive

explanation of what he did

past, asking for distance,

but Lorenzo began to sing

like only the big ones, but more

alá estotwitter in the

networks that he later erased and left,

they want to know who values ​​you and


“watch how he treats you later

that he doesn’t need you. “

immediately deleted it, then

came out saying it was not for

his wife.

Tony: maybe it wasn’t for her,

but ago she had said

on social media that he

covid19 had joined them,

that love had come these

20 ías that they had

protecting themselves or contaminated

with illness, but it is

unfortunate and very sad, already

a separation had occurred,

she also published that

reconciliation that was a

San Diego beach, in moments

very rontic with photos,

candles and on the beach.

I am very sorry, we are in

pandemic, I have been very

well, with my wife.

we have been seven months

living together in the house, but not

it is easy.

do not publish, leave the

social networks.

Carlos: they are going to give you a

hat avocado.

tony: don’t write on the networks

social because they leave

regret some things that

they write, out of anger, beware

with this.

Carlos: Yarel, I would like you

opinion because you are in the

angeles I’m sorry from him

principle that chiquis be

taking the reins of this

Relacón, she asks that I don’t know

bother you, we see a little

disconcerted to lorenzo, what

do you think

yarel: there it is, in los angeles

pandemic we have seen leave

shine these feelings

we are wings with ours

couples then i think

causes this distancing in

many other couples, we have

seen or in polls,

problems at home have grown,

this situation with chiqui and

Lorenzo, it’s very sad

why is she suffering

separation, the feeling of

Lorenzo in this song is very

exciting, singing this

makes letters, I’m also

with tony.

Carlos: he missed a tequila.

yarel: but today I also believe

that not all things are

direct a person, sometimes

we want to share things.

Carlos: I think it was very

direct. what do you think maity?

maity: this relationship we left

who had highs and lows, they

they had separated, who was the

moment they realized

that they could share true

time, but it really is that

I don’t think it’s a question of a

it was for another who gave

account that it did not work as

couple, this decision I don’t know

take it lightly, one can

break up with someone parting,

pronounce divorce is not

there, it shows that it has not been

easy for her, she says it’s not

a publicity stunt, we see

Lorenzo singing a song,

it shows, he still sighs

do this pain, it’s normal.

there is a lot of love,

there may be differences that

make them unable to continue.

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