The twins 1/5 – The terrible children of the Châtelaine district

Masons, the Epifani brothers tell about the virtues of their twinning which enabled them to do the four hundred strokes. At school, at work and on the beaches of Italy.

The Epifani brothers Same swaying gait, same beard, same smile, Lorenzo and Davide sport a strictly common look: Nike sneakers, Ralph Lauren polo shirt, cleverly holed jeans and Ray-Ban on their heads.

Steeve Juncker-Gomez

When our mother found out she was pregnant with twins, she cried, laughs Davide and Lorenzo Epifani. The poor thing, we understand her. We were two terrible kids. ” Twenty-seven years after their resounding birth, the two brothers, who have become solid masons, remain grown children. They touch each other constantly, send spikes and congratulate each other on their jokes with “gimme five” blows and slaps on the back.

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