The Two Carnales please the frontiers

Juarez City- A cool night with drizzles, but with a country atmosphere, was the one that this border had on Sunday when it received the Dos Carnales at the People’s Theater of the Juarez 2021 Fair.

The frontiersmen crowded the vicinity of the Plaza de la Mexicanidad to listen to one of the artists of the moment from the Mexican regional.

‘Al Estilo Rancherón’ was the song that the norteño duo chose to start the show.

One of the most acclaimed hits by the public was ‘La Tóxica’ and, of course, ‘Cabrón y Vago’, the most recent hit by Los Dos Carnales.

The romantic moment was accompanied with the theme ‘La Fiesta’, ‘Le hace una beso’ and ‘Tuyo y mio’, which the group from Coahuila recorded together with Camilo.

It was time to sing ‘El Envidioso’, one of the greatest hits of the duo and that the public requested tonight.

Late, but safe, ‘El Fantasma’ arrived at the border and the Mexicanidad square at 11:30 and will give its concert after midnight, after the presentation of the Dos Carnales, which did not disappoint the spectators who attended in this fourth day of activities of the Juarez Fair 2021.


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