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The Ukraine has announced the mass deprivation of the residents of the Hungarian passports of the Donbass

The former governor Moskal states that it is "almost impossible" to learn the Hungarian language and without it the citizenship of a neighboring country cannot be obtained. The passport deprivation courts now "go one after another," he said

Photo: Vadim Ghirda / AP

The former governor of the Transcarpathian region, Gennady Moskal, said that the Hungarian authorities are taking back the passports they were distributing to residents of Ukraine. In an interview he explained it with the fact that the documents of the neighboring state were often received not by ethnic Hungarians, but by ordinary Ukrainians, who purchased certificates that their ancestors lived in the territory of the Transcarpathia in those years in which this territory was subordinated to Hungary or Austria-Hungary.

Moskal explained that the Hungarian authorities have concluded that the passports have been released illegally, as one of the main requirements for obtaining a document is the knowledge of the Hungarian language. "Learning it is almost impossible. This has to be done since childhood. This is the most difficult language in Europe, "he said.

Moskal said that the courts for depriving Hungarian citizenship "go one after another" and that the issue of passports was initially explained by the fact that they did not represent the level of corruption in Budapest.

In February, Hungary was depriving the Ukrainians of its passports. UNIAN. However, the interlocutors of this publication pointed out that this was not a mass deprivation of Hungarian citizenship, but isolated cases. Basically we are talking about people who are heavily registered in the Hungarian territory, they received a passport and with it the right to a Hungarian pension, however, they continued to live in Ukraine.

In September of last year, a video appeared on the Internet made at the Hungarian consulate in the trans-Carpathian city of Beregovo. On it, the diplomat handed over the passport and strongly advised its owner not to tell the Ukrainian authorities. The registration led to protests by the Ukrainian authorities and, in December, they had stopped issuing Hungarian passports in the Donbass. Now, to receive a document, it is necessary in any case to come to Hungary.



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