The Ukrainians struck a blow: an officer of the Russian special forces was killed

Anatoliy Stefan, an officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, claimed that the liquidation of the Russian occupier was reported by Russian propagandists who consider themselves “military commissars”.

According to preliminary data, M. Samorukova was killed in Maryyinka, Donetsk region.

Russian propagandists are not silent and claim that allegedly M. Samorukova died heroically while evacuating wounded and dead persons.

The pace of Ukraine’s offensive in Donbas will increase in the coming weeks – analysts

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a Washington-based center for strategic studies, points out in a new review that with the arrival of winter, weather conditions in eastern Ukraine become more favorable for the acceleration of Ukrainian military operations in the coming weeks.

The center’s analysts cite the words of the head of the administration of eastern Luhansk region of Ukraine, Serhiy Haidajus, that the weather conditions on the front from Kremina to Svatov are changing, so the counterattacking Ukrainian forces will soon be able to maneuver better when the ground freezes.

According to ISW experts, the overall pace of operations will increase in the coming weeks. Recently, military operations in eastern Ukraine have been slowed down by collapsed ground.

Neither Russian nor Ukrainian forces will slow down operations in winter, the most optimal time for the actions of mechanized units, according to ISW experts.

ISW’s assessment does not correspond to the prediction of Avril Haines, the US director of national intelligence, that the pace of hostilities in Ukraine will continue to slow down in the coming months.

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