The Ultimate WhatsApp Trick: How to Send Temporary Messages

In an effort to expand the range of available features, WhatsApp introduced at the end of last year a function that already existed in competing apps such as Snapchat or Telegram. Is about temporary WhatsApp messages, also known as messages that self-destruct or messages with expiration. This is one of the latest WhatsApp tricks to get the most out of your conversations.

Temporary WhatsApp messages They are available on Android, iPhone, Web, and Desktop. They can be used both in individual conversations and in WhatsApp groups. And both activating and deactivating them is relatively easy.

But, What exactly are temporary WhatsApp messages? What are they? Not? What limitations do they have? How can we activate or deactivate them in conversations and in groups?

One of the most useful WhatsApp tricks

This type of message is one of those WhatsApp tricks that are especially practical. As its name suggests, these types of messages disappear automatically, unlike the ones we normally send and receive – which can also be deleted, but manually.

Specifically, temporary WhatsApp messages disappear after seven days. In an individual conversation, either of the two participants can activate them. However, in the case of groups, only the administrator can do it (affecting everything sent in that group).

However, as with other WhatsApp tricks, these types of messages have their limitations. Those responsible for WhatsApp warn that we should use temporary messages with trusted people. The reason is that a message can be resent or saved before it disappears. We can also take a photo or copy and save the content.

How to activate or deactivate temporary WhatsApp messages

Temporary WhatsApp messages they are not active by default: we have to activate them to be able to use them. Once done, yes, you can use them on all platforms this popular instant messaging application works on.

The steps to activate this WhatsApp trick are the following:

  • We enter a conversation or group.
  • We touch the name of the contact or group.
  • Click on Temporary messages, Then in Continue and finally in Activated.

The process is identical, except for small details, both on Android and iPhone, Web and Desktop. And in case you want to deactivate them, you just have to follow the same steps and, at the last moment, select Deactivated

Of all the WhatsApp tricks, temporary messages are probably one of the most useful, as they will help you keep certain conversations somewhat more private, which does not hurt in certain situations.

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