The UN accuses Russia of putting food security at risk in the developing world

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The UN has accused Russia of put food safety at risk in the countries in process of development with its decision to withdraw from the so-called Black Sea agreements and its repeated bombardments in recent days against Ukrainian ports.

“The events of the past week are just the latest developments in the Russian Federation’s senseless war against its neighbor, a war whose consequences are being felt around the world,” United Nations Political Affairs chief Rosemary DiCarlo said.

DiCarlo, in a speech before the Security Council, stressed that the end of the Black Sea agreements and the attacks on “crucial ports” will only aggravate this crisis.

“The new wave of attacks against Ukrainian ports can have a great impact on global food security, in particular, in developing countries,” insisted the US diplomat, who also considers “unacceptable” the “threats” of Moscow about the possibility of attacking civilian ships in the Black Sea.

Since the start of the war, the Kremlin has tried to prevent the international impact of the conflict from losing support in the so-called global south, where it maintains friendly relations with a large number of governments.

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