The UN confirms that Gaza has been cut off and warns of the risk of famine throughout the Strip

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While the Israeli Army finalizes its operation in the north of the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian territory has been completely isolated again, this time because the companies that provide the services have exhausted their last fuel reserves in their facilities, the UN said. The organization fears that the deterioration of the humanitarian situation of two million civilians due to the attacks and lack of food intake to the Strip could cause “the immediate possibility of starve“. Added to this is the “imminent” probability of outbreaks of diseases transmitted by contaminated water such as cholera or typhoid fever, denounced Human Rights Watch.

Israel this week rejected the UN Security Council’s call for “pauses and urgent humanitarian corridors and expanded” after pointing out that the request is “far from reality.” While the international community continues to pressure Tel Aviv to allow humanitarian aid to enter through the Rafah crossing, Egyptian activists have organized an aid convoy, which left Cairo today for the border with Gaza.

On the ground, the Israeli army has western part of Gaza City under control and in recent hours it has deployed its forces in the eastern part of the town, where experts point out that Hamas is better prepared. The Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav Gallant, announced a “next stage” of the Gaza offensive during an assessment of the situation on Thursday. Gallant did not give details about what the new advance consists of, but it is believed that it could be the expansion of the ground offensive towards the southwhere in some localities Gazans began to receive evacuation orders.

During the raid on Al Shifa hospital and its surroundings, the army found the body of a 19 year old soldier captured by Hamas on October 7. Is about Noah Marciano, who appeared a few days ago in a video by the Palestinian militant group, identifying himself on camera and pleading with the Israeli army to stop attacking the area. Other images published by the organization showed the lifeless body of the young woman, whose death was confirmed by the Israeli army. Marciano’s body was found in a building near Al Shifa hospital. The army also recovered the body of the hostage Yehudit Weissa 65-year-old woman who was kidnapped in the kibbutz de Be’eri.

In the last few hours, there was a large army raid in defeatin the occupied West Bank, with 47 Palestinians detained. Around 80 military vehicles entered the city and ordered the evacuation of the city’s main hospital. “The detention campaigns were accompanied by torture, intense beatings, threats to detainees and their families,” said the West Bank Commission for Prisoners and Former Detainees Affairs. Since last October 7, 2,800 Palestinians have been detained in this territory.

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