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If the photo had not been put by the prestigious medical publication "The England Journal of Medicine" In social networks, it would be easy to think that this type of blood-colored branch is a fake image, a coral from the sea or a plasticine draft of the human respiratory system.

But the photo is real and, in fact, it did not just cause amazement among Internet users. The medical community is very surprised after it was reported that that piece of human blood with the exact shape of the tubular nets carrying the air to and from the lungs was ejected by a patient coughing heavily. Even the doctors who treated the 36-year-old man who threw this extraordinary part of his inner body know very well how something like this happened.

The patient was admitted to intensive care due to a serious heart problem. Wiesel Thaler, the transplanted surgeon who treated him, told the publication L & # 39; Atlantic that the patient's heart was connected to a pump that maximizes the flow of blood through the body, but since this type of pumping can lead to blood clots, the patient was also given an anticoagulant in parallel to lighten the blood.

Doctors suspect that a good deal of blood has passed into the lower part of the right lung, coagulating in the bronchial tree.

He could not recover

For days the patient coughed pieces of clots until he suffered a severe and prolonged cough that ended with the expulsion of this piece of branched blood that led immediately to the patient's relief and which, however, revealed to the doctors the complexity of your situation.

When the doctors tried to clarify what had left the trachea and then from the patient's mouth they understood that the clotted blood perfectly designed the airway architecture (upper part of the respiratory system). They had been stored in such a way that they could identify that mass as the right bronchial tree based solely on the number of branches and their alignment.

A few days after the accident the patient could not recover and died in the clinic. However, now his case has been recorded in the strangest cases of science.

Although these cases are recorded, it is photography that circulates on social networks to make the medical community itself more aware of the rarity of patients who spit clots with pieces of their respiratory system.

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