The uncertain fate of the Znojmo loaders. The plant in Moravia is closing due to expensive production

As many as 1,800 people from eight villages had to be evacuated as a precaution because of the forest fire fire, which broke out on Thursday in eastern Spain. The flames have so far burned 3,800 hectares of vegetation and they still cannot be brought under control, the newspaper reported on Friday ABC. Around 500 firefighters responded to the scene on Friday, assisted by 18 helicopters and firefighting planes from the air.

The first major forest fire this year in Spain broke out near the village of Villanueva de Viver, which is located about 90 kilometers north of the city of Valencia. Already on Thursday, hundreds of people were evacuated as a precaution, including residents of a home for the elderly. Firefighters are fighting the flames in the provinces of Castellón and Teruel.

The Sierra de Espadan National Park, located in the province of Castellón, is also threatened by the flames. The mayor of the municipality of Montanejos, Miguel Sandalinas, expressed great concern that the element would threaten tourism in an area sought after for its beautiful nature and thermal springs.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez pointed out that the fire broke out outside the season when forest fires usually occur. “This fire so early in the month is further evidence of the climate crisis that humanity is experiencing,” said the prime minister, who called on residents to be “extremely cautious”.

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