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The unexpected and controversial mockery of Verónica Lozano to Nicolás Wiñazki for his claim before the quarantine

Verónica Lozano mocked the journalist Nicolás Wiñazki in his program

Veronica Lozano

scoffed at his journalist show

Nicolás Wiñazki,


had spoken out against mandatory isolation

 the previous night.

“Today my sister Sofia was a mom. Today I was an uncle. Everything is fine, she had a beautiful daughter, she is divine. But I saw her on WhatsApp,” the journalist from


before wrestling against the extension of the


The host of

Cortá by Lozano

he was talking about “anti-quarantine militancy”, when he had the idea of ​​imitating


in a humorous tone. The


it was echoed in the networks, where it generated a bipolarity of opinions.

On one side of the crack, the taunt was taken as an act of “bullying” by Lozano, whom they accused of not respecting the journalist’s freedom of expression. On the other hand, they celebrated the driver’s own freedom of expression.

The episode caused discomfort in the studio, especially on the part of who was conversing with the driver. The instant he did the imitation, he moved on to another topic as if nothing had happened. At the moment, he did not comment on it and his name is trending on Twitter.




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