World The united states Air force intercepts the four planes,...

The united states Air force intercepts the four planes, the russians along the Alaskan

Theo the four aircraft, model Tu-142, and entered into the Zone of Identification of Air Defense in Alaska, an area in which the aircraft is tracked for members of the military from one or more countries, in addition to its national air-space, to give you time to the reaction in the event of a change hostile to, and where they were interfering with for a fighter to F-22 in the united states.

“The Tu-142 is moved closer to a range of 65 nautical miles (120 kilometres) to the islands Aleutianas to the south of Alaska, and remained in the Area of Identification of Air Defense for nearly eight hours,” he said to the Norad in a statement, noting that the aircraft the russians did not enter the airspace of the United States of america.

This is the third time in a month in June the The U.S. intercetam planes, Russian military, close to Alaska, and in the Area of Identification of Air Defense in this State and extends for about 320 km along the coast.

In parallel to this, on the 29th of in maythe Russian Defense Ministry has revealed pictures of the two bombers, the B-1 to the americans, who were also intercepted the national air force after the passage of both aircraft over the Baltic sea and the Black sea, near Russia.

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