The United States and Cuba are in isolation through IMO

Imo. Photo courtesy of the author

MIAMI, United States.- From Monday, January 14, IMO users, the popular application of VoIP calls (voice over internet protocol), can not communicate between Cuba and the United States.

According to several clients on the island: "The application shows an error message when a video call is made for a contact in the United States and informs that it is not registered."

Error while trying to call the application. Photo courtesy of the author

"I called my nephew who lives in Miami and told me that from there he can not even communicate with Cuba through IMO, the application, according to him, works correctly for all his contacts except those in Cuba" , has commented to Cubanet Edel González, a user who was in a WiFi park.

"Imo's video calls in the island and in any other country in the world did not present any problems, the United States is the only isolated country for Cuba, we do not know if ETECSA has blocked it or what happens. IMO technical support to ask, but they did not answer me, "said Osvaldo González, who also tried to communicate with his family, without success.

Imo web. Photo courtesy of the author

A Cubanet team called the customer service to get information on what is happening and an official, who identified himself as Gladys said that "IMO does not belong to Cubacel, the page is having problems, but it is not our fault".

From Cubanet we recommend the use of WhatsApp, another VoIP application that works correctly and offers more security because your data is encrypted.

People trying to communicate with their relatives in the United States from Imo. Photo courtesy of the author

Recently, the communications monopoly, ETECSA, has been strongly criticized for blocking text messages containing words against the elections or the new constitution, which censor and violate the privacy of its customers. This strange fact happens a few days after the vote of the constitutional referendum.


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