The United States is entitled to a preventive nuclear attack.


Washington should not abandon the policy of a preventive nuclear attack. This was stated by the chairman of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Joseph Dunford, speaking at Senate hearings.

The general was asked to comment on the bill on the prohibition of a preventive nuclear strike, which the progressive democrats brought to Congress. According to him, the current American policy, which allows such a blow, complicates the decision-making process of the opponents.

"I can also imagine a series of circumstances in which we would not want to exclude this option for the president in the future," said Dunford, adding that he is ready to discuss the matter in a private meeting.

The initiative to ban a nuclear pre-emptive strike at the end of January was made by Congressman Adam Smith and Senator Elizabeth Warren, he remembers TASS. According to them, such a policy is not only obsolete, it is simply dangerous.

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Valdai Club of Sochi in October 2018, President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia refused to deliver the first nuclear attack. But at the same time, our country is ready to fight back, which will destroy any attacker. The result will be a global catastrophe. "And we, as victims of the aggression, as martyrs, will go to heaven and simply die," Putin said.



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