The United States on the verge of 6 million cases of coronavirus, a quarter of the infections worldwide | Univision Salud News

The United States reached this Sunday the number of 5,997,050 confirmed cases of covid-19 and 186,405 deaths, according to the independent count of Johns Hopkins University.

The almost 6 million infections in the US represent a quarter of the more than 25 million cases registered in the world.

New York is no longer the state with the highest number of infections, although it remains the hardest hit in terms of number of deaths, with 33,021, more than in France or Spain.

New York is followed in number of deaths by neighboring New Jersey with 16,041; California, with 12,935; Texas, with 12,849 and Florida with 11,125.

Other states with a large death toll are Massachusetts with 9,049; Illinois 8,228, Pennsylvania 7,757 and Michigan 6,748.

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