Business The United States Police will have these Tahoe V8

The United States Police will have these Tahoe V8

It is one of the vehicles preferred by the United States police, since the first specific version was presented in 1997. It is the Tahoe, manufactured by Chevrolet, which already has the 2021 version of the Police Pursuit Vehicle, with state-of-the-art equipment and improvements in both the engine and other parameters, all aimed at optimizing behavior and performance.

V8 gasoline engine

In fact, as Ed Peper, American Vice President of GM Fleet points out, “By listening to the needs of officers across the country, we have built the best Tahoe ever. “

For the engine, the 5.3-liter petrol V8 block was chosen along with a 10-speed automatic transmission. It also includes some Camaro ZL1 LT4 internal components, aimed at further improving performance. Cooling has also been improved and specific systems are included for both the engine and transmission.

2021 chevrolet tahoe police pursuit vehicle


Other components of this version are specific tires developed by Bridgestone, Firehawk Pursuit mounted on 20-inch wheels. They were tested in extreme conditions and play an essential role for example in improving the stopping distance which has been reduced by 3.3 meters from a speed of 100 km / h to 0 on dry surfaces compared to the 2020 version. Something which certainly also include Brembo six-piston monoblock front calipers.

Dynamic behavior

Other modifications affect the suspension which includes new monotube shock absorbers, coil springs and thicker stabilizer bars, all aimed at minimizing body roll, something very necessary when driving the car at high speed, for example due to a chase . Also included is a limited slip rear differential and a speedometer up to 225 km / h.

Inside, it mounts new front seats that provide extra hip room, allowing belts worn by officers to adjust more comfortably.

Also the police Tahoe 2021 offer 21 m3 of cargo volume behind the second row seat, a reference and the opening of the rear doors is now 13% higher than the previous generation, to facilitate access for handcuffed passengers.

Part of the electronic systems can be used with the car stationary.

According to Chevrolet, the new independent rear suspension and the longer wheelbase improve handling and ride smoothness especially on uneven pavements and unpaved surfaces. The exterior design is based on the new Tahoe Z71 finish, with improved off-road capabilities.

Regarding technology, it is more important than ever, since officers can work while the car is parked thanks to the network 4G LTE wifi available. The standard HD rear view camera and rear parking aid assist officers in preventing collisions when maneuvering.

Technological equipment

Also included is a rear camera It offers a wider view of the rear of the vehicle compared to a traditional rearview mirror. This system is very useful because many times these vehicles equip accessories that impede visibility, such as trailers for transporting dogs.

Of course the Tahoe 2021 includes keyless access and push-to-start system, which allows police officers to leave their keys on their belts.

Others security systems They are a frontal collision warning device, lane keeping assistance with exit warning, automatic emergency braking, etc.

The V8 engine can run even with just two cylinders.

All technological equipment makes it necessary for safety to resort to independent electrical systems. Some allow, for example, specific functions to be controlled from the car’s steering wheel. From controlling the rotating lighting available to introduce a microphone to address the population in situations that require it.

The electrical system is powered by an upgraded dual battery device with emergency equipment isolation to meet the unique needs of the police. In addition, to use these systems it is not necessary to have the car started since it has a 760 amp auxiliary battery that enables video, radio, communication and emergency lighting systems to function. This is completed with a new alternator, 47% more powerful than the 2020 model to support the continuous operation of electrical equipment.

The aforementioned powerful V8 engine features dynamic fuel management It even allows operation with just two cylinders, to optimize power delivery and efficiency. The whole process is done in an automated way.

Finally Chevrolet includes a towing system that allows a drag capacity of more than 3,700 kilos.

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