The unlimited Apple video game service on Mondays?


On Monday, Apple could lift the veil on a video game subscription. Bloomberg, under the pen of Mark Gurman, relaunches this rumor that he heard at the end of January a service that would offer unlimited access to a selection of games.

There is no way for Apple to embark on the emerging video game streaming market. He would not be a competitor of Google Stadia or xCloud (Microsoft). This package should rather provide access to a package of iOS games that normally pay per unit from different publishers.

Pay games? They are not so numerous on the App Store, where supreme free titles reign based on integrated purchases. But it is these premium games that interest Apple. Apple would take its usual tenth on the amount of the subscription, the developers perceived the rest based on the time the player spent in their games.

Unlike streaming video services, unlimited printing and credit cards, this new subscription may be available elsewhere than in the United States. Video games are much less dependent on geography and broadcasting rights.

Mark Gurman takes the precaution of saying that Apple could keep this hot announcement for the WWDC. The producer will also work on an Amazon Prime bundle by combining all of its services into one package.



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