The Urban Guard shoots twice at a homeless man in Barcelona armed with a knife | Catalonia

The Urban Guard has shot twice this Saturday a man sleeping on the street in Barcelona. At least one of the bullets has hit his abdomen, according to police sources, which indicate that the victim is stable within gravity. The Medical Emergency System (SEM) has not provided any information, claiming that it is a case under investigation. The police assure that the man threatened them with a knife, after going to the place because they had received citizen complaints that he was “causing a nuisance.” Asked explicitly by the Security Councilor, Albert Batlle, in case the man was threatening the neighbors with the knife, he has assured “that they are not aware” that this is the case.

The victim, Marjan C., 43 years old and originally from Hungary, is a man who has been sleeping since approximately June in the central Paseo de Sant Joan in Barcelona. Neighbors know him from seeing him there, and define him as a peaceful person. “Always with hats and glasses,” they say. They all also agree that his behavior suggests that he suffers from some type of mental disorder.

At half past six in the afternoon this Saturday, a group of young people saw Marjan C. running up Paseo Sant Joan, closely followed by some policemen. “They went like a trot, as if they didn’t want to catch him,” the boys say. As the persecution unfolded, agents were added, they say, as they watched in astonishment with potatoes and drink in hand. They went up to the Plaza de Tetuán, and there they turned, to continue down the Paseo de Sant Joan. “As he passed, the police were pushing people away,” says a witness.

Right in front of an organic food store, a Guàrdia Urbana van has cut off Marjan C., who has been surrounded by the agents. “Drop the gun! Drop the gun! ”, One of the witnesses to what happened heard the police shout. He assures that there were “five or six” agents surrounding him, plus the van and cars that had joined. Then they heard two shots.

“One hit the ground and another hit the stomach,” the 17-year-old group of kids continues. A couple has witnessed what happened from the window of their house. “They have taken a long time to help him,” she complains, recounting that a man on a bicycle turned out to be a doctor and was the first to attend to him, along with the agents who were on site, until the Emergency Medical System arrived. to the place.

After seven in the afternoon, and now stable, an ambulance has taken the injured man to the Sant Pau hospital, where he is waiting to be operated. Agents of the Mossos and the Guàrdia Urbana have cordoned off the place and took statements from some of the witnesses. Neighbors showed surprise at what happened. “I gave him a sleeping bag,” explained one of them, who denied having seen him before in a violent attitude.

The Barcelona City Council has opened a confidential information that investigates the internal affairs unit of the Urban Guard, as reported today by Albert Batlle. The Security Councilor has explained that the man has “pounced” on the police. “He has tried to attack the agents who were going to identify him,” he explained. He has “attacked them with a knife”, a “large knife”. “Now we will have to find out what may have happened,” said Batlle who has “reiterated the desire for maximum transparency.”

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