The US affirms that support for Israel will not harm aid to Ukraine

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The decision of USA to increase military support for Israel after attacks by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas will not affect the ability Washington to continue arming Ukraine, its ambassador to the I’LL TAKE

“On whether US support for Israel may or may not come at the expense of support for Ukraine, “We do not anticipate any major obstacles in that regard,” the US representative to the Atlantic Alliance told reporters. Julianne Smith.

“I think the United States will be able to stay focused on our partnership and commitment to the security of Israel, and at the same time fulfill our commitments and promise to continue supporting Ukraine,” he said.

The president of United States, Joe Biden, He ordered ships and warships to approach Israel on Sunday, in a show of support, and sent new military aid.

This new crisis occurs at a time when the White House seeks a way to keep arms supplies flowing to Ukraine.

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