The US ambassador to Latvia expresses confidence and faith that Ukraine will win the war against Russia

US Ambassador to Latvia John Leslie Carvails.

US Ambassador to Latvia John Leslie Carvails.

YEARS/Evija Trifanova

The Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 of last year clearly shows the reasons why NATO’s Eastern flank should be strengthened, US Ambassador to Latvia John Leslie Carvails emphasized to the LETA agency.

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He pointed out that Russia’s brutal aggression threatens the international order established after the end of the Second World War. The ambassador said that at the beginning of the war, people had doubts about the alliance’s unity, but now NATO has become more united and stronger than ever before.

Asked if he agreed with the proposition that the only way to ensure lasting peace and security was to see Russia lose the war, Carwyle noted that this was a theoretical question that was difficult to answer. He expressed the position that it is essential to bring the war to an end as soon as possible.


“All wars end once. Ukraine will win. I believe that, and so does the President of the United States. It is essential that NATO members remain united and resolute in the face of this aggression. It won’t be easy! So far, it has been possible to impose extensive sanctions, which have had a strong impact on the Russian economy,” said the US ambassador.

When asked how relations between the United States and Latvia have changed since Kárvails served as the US ambassador, he noted that Latvia has been a strategic partner of the United States. The USA and Latvia are good friends and the ambassador’s work was based on strengthening and deepening these relations.

Kárvails emphasized that the basis of the relationship between the USA and Latvia is the cultural connections provided by the Latvian diaspora living in the USA. Similarly, the USA and Latvia believe in democratic values, as well as the idea that the government works for the people, not the other way around. The USA and Latvia believe in the rule of law.

“The basis of our relations is also the field of defense and security, which has become even more important after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Also, a lot of work has been invested in the fight against corruption and money laundering. I think that the Latvian government can be commended for what it has done in this area,” said Kārvails.

Speaking about the possibilities of deepening relations between the USA and Latvia, the ambassador noted that there will always be ways to cooperate. He stated that the US government and the new US ambassador to Latvia will continue their work to strengthen US-Latvian relations in the field of defense and security.

Kárvails also praised Latvia’s support for Ukraine. He pointed out that the US, given the size of its economy and population, can help Ukraine with weapons, humanitarian and economic aid. However, considering the size of the economy and population, Latvia is one of the leading countries that help Ukraine.

“Latvia opened its doors to approximately 40,000 people who fled the war in Ukraine and sought asylum. Latvia’s generosity is greatly appreciated! It is also important to note Latvia’s support for independent Russian journalists. Fact-based, independent journalism can combat disinformation and propaganda spread by Moscow,” the ambassador said.

At the end of his term, US Ambassador Karvails will meet with the President of the State Egils Levitas on January 26 at 15:00.

LETA already wrote that the US Senate approved career diplomat Christopher Robinson as the new US ambassador to Latvia.

In June, US President Joe Biden nominated Robinson, who is a member of the highest-ranking Foreign Service at the rank of Envoy-Counselor and held the position of US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Office of European and Eurasian Affairs, as the next US Ambassador to Latvia.

Previously, Robinson held the position of Counselor of Envoy for Political Affairs at the US Embassy in Moscow. Prior to that, he worked at the State Department as the Deputy Director of the Russian Affairs Division, at the US Mission to the Security and Cooperation Council for Europe in Vienna as a political adviser and as a political adviser in Managua.

He has also performed assignments in Iraq, Belarus, Canada and Russia, as well as worked in the Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs and the Office of European Affairs.

Robinson holds a master’s degree in strategic science from the National Defense University’s National War College and a bachelor’s degree in international relations from George Washington University.

He received several State Department recognition awards, including the Distinguished Service Medal. Robonson speaks Russian and Spanish.

The current US ambassador Karvails started his work in 2019. He was nominated for the job of ambassador by then US President Donald Trump.


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