The US government restricts asylum rights



US soldiers pull a fence on the Mexican border.

US soldiers pull a fence on the Mexican border.(Photo: picture alliance / dpa)

Friday, November 9th 2018

Again and again Donald Trump threatens with the horror scenario of a migrant invasion coming to the Mexican border. Now the president of the United States is serious: those affected should already have the opportunity of an asylum procedure.

At the end of the day, US President Donald Trump wants to sign a proclamation that complicates the asylum procedures at the southern US border with Mexico. This announced the White House. In principle, asylum procedures should only be possible at official border crossing points. As a result, people crossing the border illegally from Mexico would be excluded from the asylum application. This would allow authorities to concentrate appropriate staff and ensure an efficient procedure for those entitled to asylum procedures.

The move is highly controversial. Human rights defenders consider the proposed local restriction of the asylum law a violation of applicable US law. Currently, US law also allows people who enter the United States illegally to apply for asylum and revise their right. Several organizations have announced legal resistance in advance.

The White House believes that this action falls within the juridical scope of the president if he sees the interests of the United States in danger. "In accordance with our immigration laws, the President has the right to restrict the immigration of people without clear status to the United States, if he believes that this is in the national interest," he said Justice Minister Matthew Whitaker, appointed the previous day. The White House emphasized that only 9% of asylum applications are currently considered eligible by US courts. The number of border crossings is at its most historic, a White House staff member said Thursday. "This is a very big crisis". The cases of asylum seekers in the United States are too short because the systems are overcrowded with requests that should be rejected by a majority.

Trump designs the tent cities

Trump had especially in the electoral campaign before the congressional elections, immigration across the border with Mexico as a problem faced and announced that he wanted to change the asylum law. Among other things, he had spoken of "tent cities" that could be built at the border. In it, migrants must be held until the decision on their legal entry.

In his speech, the president of the United States referred to an "invasion" by the so-called caravans of migration with people from Latin America, who are currently traveling to the United States. The first and largest group of over 5,000 migrants is currently in the Jesús Martínez "Palillo" stadium in Mexico City. They wanted to decide the next route on Friday. Meanwhile, human rights organizations have informed people in Central America about asylum procedures in Mexico and the United States. Migrants could take from Mexico City the shortest route to the US border within 900 kilometers of Reynosa. However, this route is controlled by criminal organizations and is considered extremely dangerous. Drug cartels are constantly trying to put migrants in their service.

The democratic opposition accuses the Republican president of fueling the fear of illegal immigration. In an election speech, former US president Barack Obama criticized the US government's view that armed violence or the abandonment of social issues rather than "poor and fleeting immigrants in the thousands" miles away "were the biggest threat to the nation.





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