The US National Guard detains Venezuelan immigrants outdoors and without food after entering US territory

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The National Guard US detains Venezuelan immigrants who crossed the border Bravo River (Rio Grande in the USA) in the north of Mexicoleaving them with limited water rations and without food for almost a day, migrants and activists denounced this Monday in the Mexican city of Matamorosstate of Tamaulipas.

An immigrant who returned for food to the Mexican side reported that this was the case of a group of 15 Venezuelan migrants, seven adults and eight children, who crossed the Rio Grande through Matamoros, Tamaulipas.

Upon reaching US territory they were intercepted by the National Guard of that country, who prevented them from continuing beyond the barbed wire fence, a few meters from the river, the natural border between both countries. Furthermore, he said, they were left out in the open, without food and with reduced supplies of water for almost a full day.

The families came to USApassing the flow of the Río Bravo on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. local time.

From that time until Monday afternoon they were still there, enduring the high temperatures of the region and forced to improvise a tent with tarps and plastic thrown in that area, without the North American authorities speeding up the process to remove them from that area. , the Venezuelan told EFE Jose Marquez.

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