The US searches in Germany for the remains of airmen shot down by the Nazis

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The United States searches northeast Germany for the remains of ten soldiers who were aboard a bomber shot down by the Nazis during World War II, the Pentagon reported this Thursday.

The plane, a B-24 bomber, was attacked on April 8, 1944 while returning from an operation involving some 200 US Air Force aircraft to bomb three German factories.

The flight crew was made up of ten soldiers, including officers and sergeants, who reportedly died due to the downing of the aircraft.

“Bringing home the remains of those missing in action is America’s sacred duty,” said Capt. Jordan Smith, lleader of a team of 25 people who are in charge of search tasks, the Department of Defense states in a statement.

The Pentagon did not reveal the exact German town where the remains were sought, but explained that after World War II (1939-1945) The location was in East Germany controlled by the Soviets, which complicated access for the Americans.

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