The US Supreme Court authorizes legal actions against Apple for applications


Washington, United States

the court Supreme State United hit the tech giant on Monday apple allowing consumers to sue the group based on the status of California for the management of its application download platform App Store.

The decision of the highest US court, which is likely to entail important economic consequences for all new technology giants, has been approved by a narrow majority (five out of a total of nine judges).

Owners of the popular iPhone filed an appeal in court in 2011 against the brand of apples that they accuse of taking advantage of their monopoly position in the sale of applications, available only through App Store.

apple It charges a 30% commission for the purchase of applications designed by independent developers, which eventually increases the selling price and penalizes consumers, claim the plaintiffs.

The US company replied that they were not authorized to act, since in this case they are not their "direct customers".

The group, supported by other Californian Internet giants like Amazon, Facebook is Google, He claimed to be only an intermediary, but the Supreme Court rejected this argument.

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