The US trade war will make us stronger, says China's most important newspaper


A worker passes containers outside a logistics center near the port of Tianjin in northern China on 16 May 2019. REUTERS / Jason Lee

BEIJING (Reuters) – The trade war with the United States will make China stronger and never bring the country to its knees, wrote the People's Daily of the Communist Party in a front-page comment that evokes the patriotic spirit of the past wars.

The two major economies of the world are stuck in an increasingly bitter trade dispute that has seen them level tariffs on imports one of the other.

Tensions worsened this week after the Trump administration officially added Huawei's Chinese Technologies Co Ltd to a commercial blacklist, immediately putting in place restrictions that will make it extremely difficult for the telecommunications giant to do business with US companies.

In a harrowing nationalist commentary, the official newspaper of the ruling party described China's determination to protect national interests and dignity as "firm as a boulder".

"Trade war cannot bring down China. It will only strengthen us to become stronger," he said.

"What kind of storms were not observed, which bumps did not live for China, with its over 5,000 years of civilization? In the face of hurricanes, the nearly 1.4 billion Chinese have confidence and resistance".

China's confidence comes from the spirit of perseverance of its people and a never-ending struggle, he added, citing major disasters such as floods, SARS and the massive Sichuan earthquake of 2008.

"From the war of the opium to the Sino-Japanese war to the war of resistance against the Japanese aggression and the war to resist the aggression and the aid of the United States of Korea – the disaster and the misery have come one after another, tempering the Chinese people, prompting Chinese society to forge ahead into arrest and go on in adversity. "

Reporting by Ben Blanchard and Gao Liangping; Editing by Simon Cameron-Moore

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