The US Treasury has created a strategic division in Russia :: Economy :: RBC


The deputy finance minister stated that the administration of President Donald Trump had already included more than 270 natural and legal persons connected with Russia on the sanctions lists. "Many of the objects of our sanctions have become rejected for the international community and have lost the ability to pretend to be legitimate business men. In one example, we were able to eliminate the control of Oleg Deripaska, an oligarch strictly associated with the Kremlin, compared to companies that are important for the global aluminum market, "he said.

During the hearing, Mandelker added that the concern of aluminum Rusal and En + holding was initially listed in the sanctions list because "this guy", Oleg Deripaska, was listed. The US Treasury has taken "a series of unprecedented measures" to eliminate Deripaska's control over companies, he noted. In particular, the independent directors of Great Britain and the United States were elected to the Board of Directors of En +, and each of them undertook that Deripaska not influence him.

He also said that the United States interacts with Cyprus and other jurisdictions, "so that they are not vulnerable to illegal money transfers, even from Russia".



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