The USA has Kamala Harris, we only have Olaf Scholz

The US Democrats send Kamala Harris as a runner-up candidate. It’s historical, that’s brave. What is the SPD doing about it? To rely on Olaf Scholz is a wasted opportunity.

The Democrats have this week Kamala Harris nominated, the Social Democrats Olaf Scholz. Almost everything is said about the state of the two traditional parties in the USA and in Germany. Progressiveness, something that both of them are usually committed to, can, as is so often the case, only be admired on one side of the Atlantic. One wonders, can good old Europe actually do more than usual and traditional? Why did she SPD Not Kevin K├╝hnert set up as chancellor candidate?

Olaf Scholz: The SPD is putting its hope in him. (Source: Xinhua / imago images)

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“That would be completely crazy,” most political observers would say in astonishment at this proposal. Just it! It would be daring, surprising, innovative, and indeed quite insane! This is precisely why such a decision would have been a real statement that everyone would have listened to. “Umparken im Kopf” was once a pretty successful advertising text from a German automobile manufacturer; Significantly, on the advice of an agency called “Scholz & Friends”.

But, of course, we’re talking about the old aunt, the SPD. What can you expect from her other than the expected: Olaf Scholz, the “embodied nothing”, as the cabaret artist Dietmar Wischmeyer teases. Better boring than spectacular. The SPD has little to lose in its lousy polls. She does not believe that she will actually appoint the next Chancellor. So: If not now, when should things turn around and a new beginning, including a change of personnel, be started?

Biden’s choice for Harris is anything but boring

Let’s look at the USA. There an “old white man” proves more progressive than many younger generations of politicians in this country. The fact that Joe Biden’s choice for his vice-presidential candidate was Kamala Harris is anything but boring. It is historic and possibly epoch-making in a few years’ time if she ever becomes US President.

Joe Biden’s decision inspires fans of equal rights, Tolerance and freedom. 244 years after independence, the 77-year-old finally unites politics with reality in the motherland of social diversity. Finally a female Person of Color (PoC) at the top, 55 years old, grounded, educated, smart, modern, assertive, charismatic, personable, attractive and with a nice smile (Yes, that is important for voting. Whoever believes , only content counted for voters, dreams.).

With Kamala Harris and Joe Biden the Democrats offer the citizens of the United States the maximum possible contrast Donald Trump and Mike Pence – without relying on radical messages. Because both Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are ideologically neither left nor right. They are middle-class pragmatists. Together with the ready-to-move lawyer, the rock-solid bridge builder Joe Biden could form a perfect team that reflects the state of American society at the beginning of the 21st century pretty well.

Biden and Harris can restore dignity to their country

It is auspicious in every way what we can see in the Land of the Free right now. Biden / Harris could restore their homeland to the dignity that Trump / Pence took away from it. In passing, they could send a few important signals to us in Europe; maybe at some point they will reach the SPD, should it still exist.

But with all the joy of Kamala Harris, you can take the woman off California also not overloaded with expectations. She is not a saint. As little as Barack Obama was a saint. The fact that Joe Biden occupies and clears important political issues such as the Metoo and Rassimus debates in the country with her is no guarantee of electoral success. Donald Trump likes with his proven amateurism after the death of George Floyd his In all likelihood, re-election will definitely be lost have, but the uncertainties up to the election date on November 3rd are great.

The Democratic euphoria that is pouring over Biden / Harris could create false certainty for both of them. Unpredictable events could occur. Nobody knows what Trump will come up with in the long three months that are yet to come. Joe Biden’s faux pas is legendary, and Kamala Harris poses a threat to the Democratic campaign.

Attacks could start Harris’s fire

The expected racist hate campaigns in the ranks of the political opponent could ignite the fire of the former attorney general of California. Insults, insults, fake news – that’s pure stress.

You always want to defend yourself and have to constantly discipline yourself in order not to do that. Because that’s exactly what it’s all about these days: provoking reactions in order to add further bullying and new humiliations. Kamala Harris’ open willingness to engage in political debate could turn into a risk. Inconsiderate statements, small mistakes are sometimes enough to take away the initial glory, just as it was once taken from Scholz’s predecessor Martin Schulz when he had to prove himself for the SPD in the election campaign.

The lead of the Democratic camp over the Republican camp in polarized America is smaller than one might think. Election analysts say the US election will be decided in a few smaller states or constituencies.

Kamala Harris stands for an America without white supremacy

Around 40 percent of voters are still firmly behind Trump. For them, Kamala Harris is a threat par excellence. With her Jamaican and Indian roots, Harris stands even more today than Barack Obama ten years ago for the future America without white supremacy, which is getting closer and closer and above all scares the Trump voters.

This fear has to be taken away from people, whether the Kamala Harris can succeed remains to be seen. Currently, their appearance alone contributes to the fact that many die-hard Trump fans gather even closer to their idol. Should Kamala Harris even make the mistake of verbally dealing out against these people (Hillary Clinton once insulted Trump voters as a “bunch of unfortunate figures”), this could have dramatic consequences for the election victory.

So we can only keep our fingers crossed that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will keep as calm as possible in the next few weeks, promote their own political agenda and confine themselves largely to objective objections in debates.

Mocking Donald Trump as a whiner, as they did when they first performed together in Wilmington, Delaware, should be avoided. Everything has been said about Donald Trump. The safest thing for Biden / Harris would be to use the presidential caricature in the White house just let it go.

Lamya Kaddor is an Islamic scholar, religious educator, publicist and founder of the Liberal Islamic Bund eV (LIB). She is currently leading a research project at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Your current book is called “Muslim and Liberal!” and was published by Piper. You can also click on our columnist Facebook or Twitter consequences.


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