The vaccination point of ‘Pedro Delgado’ closes on October 1

Thousands of Segovians have passed through the Pedro Delgado pavilion to receive the anticovid vaccine. / NEREA LLORENTE

Vaccination teams against the Covid-19 they will close and abandon the consultations installed in the municipal sports hall Pedro Delgado next October 1, after more than seven months developing there an intense campaign to protect the citizens of the capital and part of the province.

The pavilion was launched as a fixed point for the administration of vaccines on February 17, with the prospect of maintaining this use for three months, a period that has since been lengthened while the national vaccination strategy was incorporating new groups of recipients.

Given the improvement in the health situation, the coverage achieved in the immunization process and the fact that there are no longer large mass appeals to receive the doses against the Covid19, the Health Care Management eYou are rearranging the pending activity. At this time, adolescents continue to be vaccinated at fixed points as they turn 12 years old, young people awaiting the second dose and people who have not been able to receive the vaccine due to having recently had the infection.

The Healthcare Management confirms that on October 1 he will no longer be vaccinated in the ‘Pedro Delgado‘but it specifies what it will continue to do at the fixed points set up in the Cantalejo and Cuellar. One of the plans managed by the health authorities is that the health centers of the province end up assuming the pending anticovid vaccination and in the capital establish a new headquarters as a point of reference to concentrate the activity. As this wording has learned, the characteristics and suitability of various facilities are being studied but Management has not communicated its decision.

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The campaign in the ‘Pedro Delgado‘began by citing highly dependent people and the elderly, then professionals from groups with an essential function for society, and was spreading to the general population with massive appeals for age groups until reaching adolescents of 12 years.

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