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The value of truth LIVE ONLINE with Laura Bozzo | A new edition of the program "The value of truth" brought as a guest to the dispute Laura Bozzo, who told everything about the love relationship with which he lived Cristian Zuárez. The program could be seen live online through the digital platforms of Latina from 10 pm.

The famous "lawyer for the poor" sat for the third time in the red chair. In the clip of the progress of the program he listened to some questions that were asked about the relationship he had for about 17 years with Cristian Zuárez, which ended in the midst of the controversy since the Argentina was unfaithful to the "Lawyer of the poor "with Adriana Amiel.


1. When you heard that Cristian Zuárez betrayed you, did you get a knife to cut the bird & # 39;
Answer: Yes (truth)

"And I would do it again (when I complained about infidelity). He started telling me that it wasn't true and that it was an invention, I went into the kitchen, I felt anger and helplessness and I wanted to scare him (… ) which was his friend and his partner (…) He always deceived me and will continue to do so: "Chicken that eats eggs even if they cut their beaks or birds".

2. Did you get Cristian from a Villa Miseria?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"It is not a sin or something dishonorable that I lived there (…) I was fascinated by him because of the abuses he had with his father, just as you see me, I am sensitive and they hook me to pain and all 39; empathy (…) I do not regret having bought a house for Cristian's mother, nor the apartment for her daughter. "

3. Did Cristian physically attack you?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"We were fighting and he pushed me against the door (when I noticed the blood that I understood) he opened my eyebrow so we went to the clinic, he asked me for forgiveness and that was the moment when I realized I had to end a sick relationship. "

His friend Otto Cedrón, surgeon, told the program that he had to put 10 points on Bozzo's eyebrow.

4. Did Cristian ask you to get married seven times?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"I knew this relationship had no future, I never thought about the option of marriage (…) The seven times that there was a ring in the middle, the last one took it away, the others I held. I rejected. I was sorry because I didn't deserve it. "

5. Was Cristian good in bed?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"I will not be 16 with a man who is not good at this, but so good that he was not, there was good sex and passion, even if in recent years things were disastrous and he missed much (… ) But the best sex for me is my job "

6. Does Cristian Zuárez survive painting houses in the United States?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"I don't know what he did with his money, some things he took away and others I donated to the hostel (…) His punishment is now lived by him because I'm happy, watch Cristian's videos now .to that woman (for taking it)

7. Did Cristian Zuárez betray you with a dancer in Iquitos?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"I brought him a group of foreigners to work as a producer. (When I faced him for infidelity) he denied me everything, surely he was a thousand times unfaithful, I don't know, I was under house arrest and I felt vulnerable. cruelty. "

8. Do you sell yourself for Cristian's infidelity by sleeping with another man?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"I said, you thought I was alive, if you betrayed me, or I'm not sure, now I have a man, and that's how it was, and I let him know, if he did, why I didn't done? I was depressed, but not castrated. "

9. Has Cristian tried to commit suicide out of spite on the Costa Verde?
Answer: Yes (truth)

Bozzo said he learned from Zuárez that he wanted to take his own life, even if he doubts his words because he was a manipulative person.

10. Have you escaped from house arrest to go to a party in Pepa Baldessari's house?
Red button
* Replacement request: Do you feel guilty about your mother's death?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"The whole process (with justice) that I went through, destroyed my family and more than my mother because she was a very proud person and obsessed with social life, which was a stain on my family".

11. Did Montesinos' attorney ask you for $ 150,000 to save you from arrest?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"I didn't speak directly with her (…) What they told me was that they would convince Matilde Pinchi Pinchi not to report me, I think they worked on the wall."

12. Have you given Diamond Twins to Vladimiro Montesinos?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"It was his initials, they cost me 12 to 15 thousand dollars from that moment, and sometimes I give those gifts (…) Montesinos never gave me anything, once he gave me flowers, nothing else, I condemned for those twins I gave him. (I went out with him because) I liked him because he was funny, an adventure and I liked breaking the rules, I'm a rebel "

13. Is it true that you have a lot of the channel that only two real ladies own?
Answer: Yes (truth)

Although Bozzo did not want to say how much that dress costs, one of his guests pointed out that it is the equivalent of a luxury car.

14. Did Montesino get you back from a trip in the jungle so you didn't sleep with Fujimori?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"We went to the border with Brazil to do social assistance (…) I clearly remember that we had to stay one day, but they told us to come back, I didn't understand and we went back by canoe and then by plane. I wouldn't want to stop nothing with Fujimori because it's like sleeping with a brother, with Montesinos, I never slept with him, nor did I sleep with him "

15. Has Telemundo paid $ 200,000 to a Peruvian journalist to avoid a trial against you?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"I was arrested and recorded when there was a scandal with Álamo Pérez Luna (…) His wife Verónica, who was in charge of journalistic coordination, told him to love each other a little for all the problems that they were happening, never I offended or humiliated. "

16. Have you ever been ashamed of Cristian?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"It was in an accident with Nicolás Lúcar, who had invited me to his program with deceptions in which I should have been honored. (Cristian) seeing those resources bring out something very low about his private life that I didn't like. And I apologized with Lúcar, but he had already invented the mess. "

17. Were you in bed with Cristian when they called you to tell you I was unfaithful?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"You (to Beto Ortiz) called me to tell me, I was the last to find out, we were in bed talking and watching movies when you called, I was shocked, he denied and said it was a & # 39 ; invention, also that he was about to denounce your brother, the education that remains to me is to trust my instinct ".

18. Are you jealous of Cristian's current partner?
Answer: no (truth)

"In my life I have been jealous of that lady, I am not a woman, nor an escape because karma is karma and someone who steals the husband of another person will always do it." I think a person who did what he did (on Cristian) can't be in love, I see it difficult. "

19. Did Cristian send you a WhatsApp asking you for a million dollars for his silence?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"He had ideas in his head that he had the rights and started threatening me with WhatsApp. I immediately went to the notary and asked him to authenticate the blackmail, then I went to the prosecutor's office to report him and an order came out so that he didn't talk about me. "

20. Do you think Cristian loves you?
Answer: Yes (truth)

"I think he loved me at one point."

21. Do you still love Cristian Zuárez?
Answer: no (truth)

"As I'm going to love someone after what he did to me, he should be a masochist."

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