The Vatican denies the Jesuit priest the office of the Rector


Positive statements on homosexuality and the blessing of same-sex couples prevented another reign of the rector of the Theological-Philosophical College Sankt Georgen, Ansgar Wucherpfennig. As reported by the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" and the "Frankfurter Rundschau" (Monday), the Vatican educational congress denies the Jesuit priest Wucherpfennig the "Nihil Obstat" (declaration of non-objection) and calls for a public withdrawal of his positions. In February, Wucherpfennig was re-elected for the third time for two years by a large majority.

The 52-year-old confirmed, upon request, that he had informed the university conference on the trial at the end of September. His immediate superior, the provincial Johannes Siebner SJ, told the newspapers that he was without reservations behind Wucherpfennig. In an answer he was "alienated" from the Roman procedure shown. "There is not the slightest doubt about the experience of Father Wucherpfennig, about his loyalty and therefore about his suitability for the Rector's office."

The bishop addresses the parish priest

In 2016, Wucherpfennig, a professor for the New Testament, described the biblical condemnations of homosexuality in an interview as "deep, sometimes misunderstood sentences", the newspapers reported. Wucherpfennig, who also acts as a homosexual pastor in the Catholic city of Frankfurt, has declared himself in favor of greater recognition by the church for lovers of the same sex.

The bishop of Limburg, Georg Bätzing, head of Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt, showed up at Wucherpfennig. He had the re-election "without restrictions" agreed, said a diocesan spokesman. Bätzing had also made it clear in Rome that "dioceses and Jesuit orders are well advised to stick to the proven university management". The bishop then continues to move from a friendly solution.

Just recently, the pope caused indignation when he said Homosexual adolescents should be psychiatric, (CBA)

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