The VDD has initiated criminal proceedings for crimes committed by the Russian armed forces in Ukraine

On March 15, the State Security Service (SSD) has launched criminal proceedings for war crimes committed by the armed forces of the Russian Federation and crimes against humanity and peace in Ukraine.

According to the service, criminal proceedings have been instituted for the offenses provided for in Article 71.2 (crimes against humanity), Article 72 (crimes against peace) and Article 74 (war crimes) of the Criminal Law. As part of the criminal proceedings, evidence is being gathered on crimes against humanity committed by the Russian armed forces, ie the killing, destruction, torture and other crimes against the people of Ukraine, which have caused physical or mental suffering; crimes against peace, ie planning, preparing for, provoking, participating in and waging an aggressive war; as well as war crimes such as unjustified destruction of cities or other objects and other violations of international humanitarian law.

In this connection, the SLS calls on the service to call on refugees who have been physically injured in Ukraine by an attack by the Russian armed forces or who have witnessed an attack by the Russian armed forces on civilians or civilian objects. The SLS specifically invites references from persons who have recorded these activities in photo, video or audio format. The SLS also invites Latvian citizens who have been victims of criminal activities of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine to apply.

Witnesses of crimes committed by the Russian armed forces are invited to report to the VDD, writing to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. or by calling the 24-hour phone number 67208964 and providing your contact information. Persons may also apply for testimony by contacting the State Border Guard officials at the Refugee Support Center.

The Latvian Prosecutor’s Office will collect and provide evidence to investigators at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague about Ukrainian refugees arriving in Latvia about Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

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