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The Venezuelan opposition ratified that it will not participate in a “fraudulent elections” despite the call of the Church

File photo of the Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido, at an event in Caracas. Feb 21, 2020. REUTERS / Manaure Quintero

The president in charge of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, reiterated that the main opposition parties to the Nicolás Maduro regime They will not participate in the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 6, considering that they are a “fraud”, despite of appeal made by the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference (CEV) to participate in them, in an unexpected twist.

The people already know this, but it is worth reminding the dictatorship: we are not going to participate in fraud, as we did not participate in the 2018 farce“, he claimed.

Guaidó has insisted that “beat the dictatorship“It is only feasible by following the established routes, which pass through”unite and mobilize the majority of the country in a route that facilitates the transition”.

“And that is the next step: rebuilding the Unitary Pact that has shown effectiveness, as in 2015 and 2018,” he pointed out, referring to the opposition alliance that the National Assembly won five years ago and that boycotted the presidential elections of makes three.

In addition, he took the opportunity to remember his “minimum conditions” to participate in the December parliaments: an “independent” National Electoral Council, the end of the intervention and disqualification of opposition parties and leaders and a “qualified” international observation.

“We are going to fight for an outcome and a transition. (…) That is our fight: put an end to the usurpation, establish the transition with an emergency government and have free elections. To waver is to lose ourselves ”, he remarked.

View of the main headquarters of the National Electoral Council (CNE), in Caracas (Venezuela) (EFE)
View of the main headquarters of the National Electoral Council (CNE), in Caracas (Venezuela) (EFE)


Guaidó thus reacted to the statement issued last Monday by the CEV in which he defends that “it is necessary to hold free, fair and impartial elections, with the participation of all political parties and movements, and with an ethical foundation that respects the citizen vote.”

“Our people have a great democratic vocation, which is why they assume the electoral route as a peaceful and rational way to establish a consensual and inclusive political route to solve the enormous problems that affect them,” he claims.

The CEV is aware of “the irregularities that have been committed so far in the process of calling and preparing this electoral event “, but maintains that “the decision to abstain deprives Venezuelan citizens of the valid instrument to defend their rights in the National Assembly” and “makes the political-social fracture grow”.

“Not participating in parliamentary elections (…) leads to immobilization, the abandonment of political action and renouncing to show one’s own strength”, recalling in this sense that “something similar happened in December 2005, and did not have any positive results”.

Consequently, he urged the opposition to “take responsibility for looking for solutions and generating proposals“By electoral means, convinced that,” despite the irregularities “, the massive participation of the people is necessary and will be able to defeat the totalitarian attempts and the advantage of the Government”.

“The present moment demands the full and free participation of all parties and political movements, along with the unavoidable commitment of the authorities and their leaders, to put aside their own interests to promote the common good and service to all the Venezuelan people, ”he claims.

On December 6, elections will be held to renew the National Assembly (EFE / Harold Escalona / Archive)
On December 6, elections will be held to renew the National Assembly (EFE / Harold Escalona / Archive)


In the same vein as Guaidó, the main Venezuelan opposition parties, the so-called G4, which form the Popular Will – to which the president in charge belongs -, Primero Justicia, Acción Democrática (AD) and Un Nuevo Tiempo (UNT) have expressed themselves.

From Voluntad Popular, Adriana Pichardo acknowledged that they did not expect such a pronouncement from the CEV, which is usually aligned with the Venezuelan opposition. “It took us by surprise,” she told the news portal Cocuyo effect.

However, he has attributed it to the fact that they have not yet presented a “route” to Venezuelans, explaining that they have not done so because they want it to be the result of a “plural consensus” that resists. A source from Primero Justicia has agreed to point out that “not participating is just a small piece of something that needs to be bigger”.

I take it as a wake-up call on strategy”, Estimated, for his part, the deputy of AD Edgar Zambrano. “I do not believe that the Church pays to validate what is bad, I do not believe that it is taking action to validate what is unequal, I do not believe that it is inviting us to participate in a fraud, it invites us to reflect,” he said.

For its part, William Barrientos, UNT deputy, expressed his respect for the CEV statement, although he has clarified that they do not share it “because when the law is outraged, Venezuelans are constitutionally denied the right to participate in a transparent manner” in elections. However, he stressed that “here nothing is closed.”

(With information from Europa Press)


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