The Venezuelan Supreme Court suspends "all effects" of the opposition primary process

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He Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ)the main revolutionary hammer against the democratic opposition, has declared the suspension of “all the effects of the different phases of the electoral process conducted by the National Primary Commission (CNP)“. The judicial decision is made at the request of the amparo appeal filed by the deputy Jose Britoone of the regime’s favorite collaborators.

The sentence has been made public coinciding with the presentation before the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic of the members of the CNP, who are accused of usurpation of functions, identity theft, money laundering and association to commit a crime.

He chavismo tries with this double attack to mitigate the “hurricane” María Corina Machado, great winner of a citizen process that was held against all odds 8 days ago. The conservative leader conquered the 92.6% of supports for a total of 2.4 million votes, a historical milestone that has meant the rearmament of an opposition weakened from power and by its own mistakes.

He Supremo has also ordered the CNP send all the administrative material of the 25 phases of the electoral process, after insisting that Machado is disqualified and therefore cannot participate in next year’s presidential elections. From the minutes and voting notebooks to the proclamation of the winner.

“It turns out that these effects are irreversible, Maria Corina is the elected and proclaimed presidential candidate,” reacted the former mayor of Caracas Antonio Ledezma.

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