The very sharp message of Marcelo Tinelli after the betrayal of Guillermina Valdés: “Flee from people”

sing with me now y Who is the mask? have positioned themselves among the most watched programs by Argentine viewers, so it is not news that they have quickly become adversaries when trying to position themselves with the best rating points. And, within the framework of this, the host of the singing contest, Marcelo Tinelli, received the unexpected news that Guillermina Valdés, his ex-partner, decided to participate in the Natalia Oreiro cycle instead of his, which was like “a stab” for him.

During the last broadcast of Socios del show, the journalists of the cycle broadcast by El Trece revealed that the ex-partner of the iconic character of ShowMatch will not be part of his large jury in sing with me now. But The model received an offer that was quite difficult to accept to participate in the program that she hosts. Natalia Oreiro and that fights since its premiere the rating with that of Tinelli.

Marcelo Tinelli

Unloading of the driver in networks.

It seems that The news hurt the driver quite a bit because he and his ex-partner ended on good terms, so it would have been totally expected that the mother of his son would decide to participate in his program. However, this was not the case and he did not hesitate to share through his social networks how Guillermina Valdés’ decision made him feel.

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On a black background, in white letters you could read “Flee from people who turn off your smile.” And, below, he completed everything with a “have a happy Sunday” next to a red heart.

Although this surprised several of his followers, who were not yet aware of the situation, the drivers of Partners of the show cleared up any doubts they had. “He found out, he felt hurt and that’s why he put what he put. It’s not just a thing like that that’s going to happen. Now we realize it”, commented one of the journalists.

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