The vice-president of Łódź, Małgorzata Moskwa-Wodnicka, summoned to the prosecutor’s office

Małgorzata Moskwa-Wodnicka, vice-president of Łódź, was summoned to the prosecutor’s office. He is to testify on the suspension of the high school principal who banned students from using red lightning avatars in a distance learning app. – The suspension complied with the regulations. I have nothing to complain about. I perceive it as an attempt of political intimidation – said the vice president.

Vice-president Moskwa-Wodnicka received a summons on Monday, which states that in two weeks she is to appear in the prosecutor’s office in Łódź-Polesie as a witness in the case of “exceeding the powers by a public official acting under the authority of the mayor of the City of Łódź by issuing a decision to suspend the director of the XXXIV LO in the duties of a teacher – school headmaster “.

– This call is not a surprise, as it is in line with the earlier announcement by the Minister of Education, Przemysław Czarnek. This applies to the April situation where I suspended the principal for punishing students for posting avatars in a distance learning application. In accordance with the law and my competences, I was able to make such a decision – the vice-president of Łódź told the Polish Press Agency.

According to Moskva-Wodnicka, the call to the prosecutor’s office is an attempt to intimidate a local government official. – It is well known that director Dariusz Jakóbek is a party colleague of Minister Przemysław Czarnek – she emphasized.

Małgorzata Moskwa-WodnickaRoman Zawistowski / PAP


Vice mayor of Łódź: I have nothing to complain about

The vice-president of Łódź maintains his opinion that his decision to suspend the director of High School no. XXXIV was correct. – I believe that first there should be a conversation with students, not punishing them right away. In addition, the inspection of the Department of Education showed that the regulations introduced by the headmaster were introduced in the school contrary to the applicable regulations – she explained.

Moscow-Wodnicka is counting on the prosecution to discontinue the proceedings. – The suspension in the duties of the director of the XXXIV LO was in accordance with the regulations, checked by our legal office, so I have nothing to complain about. I take it as an attempt at political intimidation – she added.

Suspended by the vice-president of the city, he received a medal from Czarnek

Director of the XXXIV High School, Dariusz Jakóbek, was suspended from his duties by the vice-president of Łódź after he introduced regulations which prohibited students from using avatars “related to politics” in the distance learning application, including, inter alia, the red lightning bolt – the symbol of the Women’s Strike. The city authorities undertook this intervention at the request of one of the school’s students. She was to be disciplined for failure to comply with the regulations.

Przemysław Czarnek, the head of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, referred to the matter, who not only praised the attitude of the director, but also awarded him with the medal of the National Education Commission “for special services for education and upbringing”. Czarnek then announced his intention to send a notification to the prosecutor’s office about the suspicion of exceeding his powers by the vice-president of Łódź.

Ultimately, the decision to suspend director Jakóbek’s duties on June 10 was revoked by the Appeal Disciplinary Commission for Teachers at the Ministry of Education and Science.

Main photo source: Roman Zawistowski / PAP

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