The victim of a car accident in Tallebudgera and a motorcyclist both died from gunshot wounds, police said



October 23, 2019 18:15:15

Police confirmed that two men found dead on the Gold Coast earlier this week died from gunshot wounds.

Key points:

  • Police say Cameron Martin appears to have been hit before the car accident
  • Both men were spotted the night before in a pub on the northern Gold Coast
  • Police are investigating reports of a third wounded in the area on Friday

The body of Shane Ross, 36, was found at Martin Shiel Park in Tallebudgera on Monday, about a kilometer from where his business partner, Cameron Martin, 47, died in a single-vehicle accident Friday night.

Mr. Ross had been missing since Friday night.

Detective superintendent Kerry Johnson confirmed Wednesday that Martin had a gunshot wound to his chest when he crashed into a white Mercedes on Tallebudgera Creek Road Friday night.

"Certainly when he had the accident he looks like he already had the wound in him," Detective Superintendent Johnson said.

He also confirmed that Mr. Ross died of a gunshot wound before his body was discovered in the park on Monday, but could not tell if the same weapon had been used to kill both men.

Detective Superintendent Johnson said he could not comment on where Mr. Ross was killed.

"He was found dead in the park, at this point it looks like the crime scene is there, so it's probably all I can say about it," he said.

Before being killed, police said both men were together in a pub on the northern Gold Coast with two other people.

Detective Superintendent Johnson yesterday told the media that the group left the pub around 7:30 pm.

"We know two of those people who died in this matter left in a black or dark-colored motor vehicle," he said.

That car was recovered by the police and is part of the investigation.

Detective superintendent Johnson said that about two hours later Mr. Martin was found dead in his wrecked car.

The police are also investigating reports of a third person who was seen walking along Tallebudgera Creek Road on Friday night due to injuries.

That person was not found.

Investigative superintendent Johnson said the police were still investigating exactly what happened in the two hours between the men who left the pub and the car accident in Tallebudgera.


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