The Vidal, the new bible of health sports


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From December 3, a new card appeared in the digital version of Vidal: Médicosport-santé.
From December 3, a new card appeared in the digital version of Vidal: Médicosport-santé. VIDAL GROUP

The Vidal, this big red book, sits on the desk of almost all the doctors, unless it is scanned on his computer or even on his smartphone. Most of the time, if you consult, it is to learn more about a drug, its dosage, its interactions … a kind of Bible. From Monday 3 December a new card appeared in the digital version: Médicosport-santé.

What & # 39; is it? The professional, or anyone interested in his health, can know the effects, benefits, sport (badminton, athletics, karate, football, tennis and even bowls …). In total, forty-five federations participated for the time being. And the door is open. The goal: to have information to know what is best for each person in relation to his disease – we can actually get into an illness and see which activity is the most appropriate – or the preventive effects of these practices. In short, a guide for doctors, physiotherapists, sports educators, etc.

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For each of the main families of pathologies treated – cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, but also musculoskeletal disorders – a couple was formed with a clinician and a physical activity teacher specialized in health sports. Respiratory diseases will be added soon. For each activity, severity levels were selected based on the stage and course of the disease. Levels 1 and 2 allow you to practice a federation, level 3 requires, on the other hand, a medical environment. Some federations started from scratch, others were already very focused on the sport of health. Three states of health are examined under the microscope: the advanced age, the child and the adolescent and the pregnancy.

Physical activity as medicine

We take the example of low back pain, a very common problem. In chronic form, they are the first cause of years of life spent with disabilities, indicates the health of Medicosport. Often, people who suffer from it are prescribed medications, including painkillers, while physical activity would improve things. What does the "Vidal of sport" say about it? "In prevention, physical activity and sport practiced in a moderate and regular manner seem to have a favorable effect on the risk of low back pain and on the risk of progression towards chronicity." For example, swimming, karate or walking is recommended. And in case of pain, the supine position is not recommended beyond forty-eight hours.


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