The video captures SUVs almost crushing the man as a boat, the trailer rolls into the ocean at the Rocky Point boat launch – BC


A B.C. the man is fortunate to have escaped without serious injuries after losing control of his vehicle while removing a boat from the water at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody.

It happened around 5:45 pm.

Witness Josh Bishop told Global News that the driver was pulling the boat out when he started making a loud sound as the propeller made contact with the ramp.

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He got out and got into the boat to pull up the propeller, but he seems to have left the vehicle in neutral with the emergency brake on, Bishop said.

That's when both the boat and the vehicle started rolling back.

In the video, the panicked driver can be seen jumping out of the boat, but he falls to the ground and is almost rolled off the vehicle, while shocked observers run to help.

"After hitting the stop in the video, we came across to see if he was okay. We initially thought he had been hit by the tire," Bishop said.

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"He was scraped and bled a little. The onlookers called the police and the fire department quickly and asked if he needed an ambulance, but he didn't."

Port Moody police and firefighters have both responded to the incident and closed the launch.

Police said the driver was able to leave with minor injuries.

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